Commercial shipping experts
At W.I. Freight, shipping to Barbados is one of our specialties. With over 45 years’ experience in shipping to the Caribbean we are in a position to provide the most reliable and efficient services to our clients.


With a wide range of businesses relying on cargo shipping service to Barbados we try to cater our services to each client’s individual needs. Whether this is shipping barrels to Barbados from the UK for small scale operations or shipping containers to Barbados for trade or industrial purposes, we understand the needs of our clients. We believe it is important for us to deliver a reliable and transparent service.

Shipping to Barbados from the UK, or across other routes, is something that many of our clients rely on to facilitate their businesses goals and cannot function without this integral aspect. At W.I. Freight we understand what is at stake and take our job very seriously.

Relocating to Barbados

If you are relocating to Barbados then you will undoubtedly require the moving services of a reliable and expert cargo shipping organisation. Household and other personal possessions are priceless and we do our best to ensure the safe passage of all your precious items and take full responsibly for them while they are in our hands.
You may be moving to Barbados for work, study or just a fresh start. We understand how choosing the right moving services is the first challenge in your important journey and try to give you the best start by taking out as much stress and anxiety as possible. Moving services can often seem expensive and complicated, but we try to simplify the process as much as possible so that you can focus on other elements of your important move.
Whether you require a shipping container to Barbados for a large estate, or are shipping barrels for smaller scale relocation, we have offered hundreds of satisfied clients an integrated and comprehensive moving service.


W.I. Freight delivers the highest standards when shipping to Barbados from the UK and offers some of the fastest shipping times available. Our expert team of dedicated and experienced professionals will assist however they can in transporting a shipping container to Barbados for you.

When shipping to Barbados, we try to make the process as stress free and efficient as possible, keeping you updated throughout.

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