At W.I. Freight we have accumulated a great deal of wisdom and knowledge over the 45 plus years we have been shipping to the Caribbean. We hope to offer the benefit of this knowledge to our customers by offering them the most efficient, transparent and stress free service for all their shipping needs.


Specialists in commercial shipping

When shipping barrels to St. Lucia from the UK for small scale operations, or shipping containers to St. Lucia for industrial purposes, we understand what it takes to deliver a reliable service. A variety of businesses rely on our shipping services to survive and grow and we don’t take this responsibility lightly.

As the process of shipping to St. Lucia from the UK, or across other routes, is something that our clients rely on to facilitate their businesses goals, we aim to consistently deliver fast and predictable delivery times throughout our efficient cargo shipping services so that no road blocks are presented for our clients when conducting vital trade or transportation across the Atlantic

Overseas relocation services

If you are relocating to St. Lucia, this will require the careful packing, management and delivery of your important household and personal possessions. At W.I Freight we understand that there are many concerns and anxieties involved in this process and try to offer the most reliable and transparent service to alleviate any unnecessary stress during the process.

There are many reasons you may be relocating, including work, family or studies, but we treat all our deliveries with the same amount of care and attention to detail. Whether you need large scale moving services or are transporting a modest collection of important items, we take full responsibility of their safety and try to simplify the process as much as possible so that you can focus on other important parts of your move.

W.I Freight has successfully moved hundreds of customers to the St. Lucia as well as destinations throughout the world. Whether you require a shipping container to St. Lucia for a future date, or are shipping barrels to multiple locations, we offer all our clients the same comprehensive and integrated moving services.


Known for our efficient delivery times and stress free relocating services, W.I. Freight delivers the highest standards when shipping to St. Lucia from the UK. With an excellent team of dedicated and experienced professionals, transporting a shipping container to St. Lucia couldn’t be simpler.

Get the best rates on commercial cargo shipping with W.I. Freight. Call us today to discuss your business needs