Specialists in commercial shipping to Guyana At W.I. Freight we have over 45 years’ experience shipping to the Caribbean and we use the wisdom and knowledge we’ve accumulated to offer our customers the best possible experience for their needs.


There are a whole range of reasons why somebody might need to transport cargo across the Atlantic. Whether this is shipping barrels to Guyana from the UK for small scale operations or shipping containers to Guyana for industrial purposes, we understand the needs of our clients. A variety of businesses rely on our shipping services to survive and grow. Therefore we aim to always deliver a reliable and transparent service.

As the process of shipping to Guyana from the UK, or across other routes, is something that many of our clients rely on to facilitate their business goals, we take our job very seriously. With some of the fastest delivery times available our reliable and efficient cargo shipping services can be depended on.

Overseas relocation services

If you are shipping to Guyana due to relocation then you will undoubtedly desire the most trustworthy and expert cargo shipping services you can find. At W.I Freight we understand that household and other personal possessions are priceless and we do our best to ensure the safe passage of all your precious items.

Whether you require relocating services to move closer to extended family, to work or study or are starting a new life with your partner, we understand how choosing the right moving services contributes to a strong first step. Moving services can often seem expensive and complicated, but we try to simplify the process as much as possible so that you can focus on other elements of your important move.

W.I Freight has successfully moved hundreds of customers to the Guyana as well as destinations throughout the world. Whether you require a shipping container to Guyana for a large estate, or are shipping barrels for smaller scale relocation, we offer all our clients the same comprehensive and integrated moving services.


Known for our efficient delivery times and stress free relocating services, W.I. Freight delivers the highest standards when shipping to Guyana from the UK. With an excellent team of dedicated and experienced professionals, transporting a shipping container to Guyana couldn’t be simpler.

When shipping to Guyana, we make it a priority to offer our users a stress free experience with comprehensive support throughout the process.

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